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Both Sides of the Saddle

90 minutes: $150



My love for horses and passion for healing lead me to create a unique program that enhances the partnership between the horse and rider. I am Cindy Morrell, a licensed massage therapist and certified canine and equine massage therapist.

As the co-owner of a boarding, training and lesson facility, I watched people with their horses every day. At times, I would see the frustration of the trainer, the rider and /or the horse. Most often, it was because the horse’s movement wasn’t quite right, or the rider felt stiff; the communication felt “off”. I began massaging back sore horses who couldn’t move out easily or maybe hung a leg over a jump. I began massaging back sore riders who didn’t feel as fluid or flexible as they would like. As I worked “both sides of the saddle”, the joy of riding for horse and human and the trainer’s enthusiasm returned. Performances became effortless and frustrations disappeared.

Experience the change yourself! Schedule a session for assessment, discussion of issues and massage for both you and your horse.  We will be able to give your trainer valuable information. Don’t wait until frustration or lameness causes you to quit.  I promise your partnerships will deepen and become most rewarding.

Sessions are done at the barn. I will set up a massage table in a stall or quiet area for people. Horses are massaged/stretched in their stall or on crossties. I am also able to offer sessions for people at my Berwick home or Eliot studio, Solfege Center for Healing. Ask for details.

About Cindy

Cindy Morrell studied at Equissage and Wilson-Meagher Equine Sports Therapy.  She also studied at Integrated Touch Therapy for canine certification. She has been a practicing holistic nurse since 1980, a licensed massage therapist since 2006, and certified animal massage therapist since 2008.

As a board-certified health and wellness nurse coach, Cindy enjoys helping you with self-empowerment and joyful purpose on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Let’s get started!

All sessions are one and a half hours and cost $150.


  • Equissage 2007
  • Wilson-Meagher Sports Therapy-Equine massage 2008
  • Integrated Touch Therapy-Canine massage 2006
  • Palmer Institute of Massage and Bodywork-2006
  • Transformational Nurse Coaching 2020
  • Shamballa Reiki Master 2004- Hearts Singing Healing Center
  • Associate Polarity Practitioner-2006
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing-University of Lowell-1980
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Wellness Coaching


Unsure how to get started on your holistic health journey? There are so many healthy options that it's often hard to figure out which path is the best for your specific needs. A few sessions meeting with a Health & Wellness Nurse Coach may be just what you need to navigate the many choices in front of you.

As a board-certified holistic nurse wellness coach and consultant, I help bridge the gap between conventional and complementary integrative medicine.  Through goal setting and creating small attainable objectives, we co-create steps to move you from your problem state to your desired state, the place that brings you ultimate joy and happiness.  I help you look at all aspects of yourself - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to bring fulfillment on all levels.  You will become the best and most powerful version of you! 

Click here to schedule a free discovery session to see if this is right for you!


The journey with the 12 Awareness Keys is an immersive self-exploration that will bring you more conscious and fundamental understanding of your actions. You´ll learn how to identify your triggers, find inner peace, recognize the difference between reacting and responding , reduce anxiety and embrace every experience.

Strengthen your sense of self-awareness and experience a deep sense of fulfillment and dedication towards personal growth.

Click here to schedule a free discovery session to see if this is right for you!


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Therapeutic Massage and Energy Work

60 minutes: $100
90 minutes: $125


Your body is a finely tuned instument that sometimes goes flat. An integrated massage session is the perfect way to sharpen you up. We begin with a holistic nursing assessment to determine the root cause of your pain and discomfort. Often, our pain is intensified by fear of never getting better and worry over loss of function. After gaining an understanding of what caused an imbalance, Cindy applies the most relevant tools and techniques to bring you from discomfort and dysfunction to improved movement and flexibility. A combination of massage techniques unique to your needs  include moderate and deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage,  myofascial release, trigger point therapy, reiki, polarity therapy, vibrational sound therapy and guided meditation for a comprehensive treatment. 

Pay now for a 60 minute session         90 minute session    Monthly membership 60    Monthly Membership 90


Mallory carefully customizes massages for each individual client. She takes time to listen to what you need before each session to ensure the best results. She uses a variety of different techniques including Swedish massage, cupping, Himalayan sea salt hot stones and Aroma Touch Technique.    

Schedule online   60 minutes      90 minutes


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60 minutes: $100
30 minutes: $50

CINDY MORRELL offers reiki energy healing as a stand alone service or as part of an integrated massage session at no additional cost.  Ask if reiki is right for you!

Haley McLeod uses a combination of reiki, crystals and aromatherapy in her sessions with the goal to help you discover peace. 

Haley has appointments on Tuesday 9am - 6pm  To schedule a session, call 603-312-8347 or click here


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QiGong and Meditation

60 minutes: $15

Join Anja Schneider for a short and easy Qigong flow to cultivate Vital energy before you lay down to rest for a guided meditation where you can welcome all aspects of yourself.
No previous experience required.  Please bring a yoga mat, a blanket and pillow to get comfortable

Monday evenings at 6:30pm 

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Spiritual Readings

60 minutes: $90

Spiritual Guidance Readings with Christine Palie , MA, Intuitive Reader

For over 30 years, Christine has been developing her intuition and connection to the higher power.  She is excited to share her ability to connect to the divine and tell you the messages that will guide you as you move forward in life. 

Available Wednesday and Thursday Evening, and Saturday 

Call 603-498-6237 to schedule or click here



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60 minutes: $15

Yoga classes:

$15 per class

Hatha series is $44 for four classes 

To enroll click on the day and time you would like:

TUESDAY AT 8:30AM--GENTLE FLOW YOGA WITH KATHY S-- Classes tap into breathwork, meditation and compassionate movement to ground and guide you into the present, and calm your mind. 

THURSDAY 5:30 PM--SAMPOORNA HATHA YOGA WITH ROYCE- This four week series introduces you to the principles of hatha yoga and guides you through a yoga flow sequence

FRIDAY AT 8:15 AM - FUNCTIONAL YOGA WITH ERICA HOVEN- This class begins with a 15 minute meditation. Erica describes her style as follows: classes are a reflection of honoring traditional lineages of yoga and a love of exploring movement and strength building. Erica is a student first and foremost, and it’s an absolute joy and privilege for her to share what I learn with others. 

*** Studies show that practicing yoga regularly boosts cognitive ability, strengthens bones and joints, reduces pain and stress, and improves sleeping habits.  The gentle vinyasa classes at the Solfege Center for Healing are designed with these physical and mental benefits in mind.  The gentle flow classes are great for beginners and seasoned yogis who want a slower pace these days. Come learn Mountain, Tree and Warrior poses for balance; Downward Facing Dog, Cobbler’s, Cat and Cow poses for flexibility, and Bridge, Table and Bird Dog poses for core strength, among other beneficial yoga exercises.  The classes end with a quiet, restful savasana for stress reduction and spiritual connection.

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