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Both Sides of the Saddle

90 minutes: $150



My love for horses and passion for healing lead me to create a unique program that enhances the partnership between the horse and rider. I am Cindy Morrell, a licensed massage therapist and certified canine and equine massage therapist.

As the co-owner of a boarding, training and lesson facility, I watched people with their horses every day. At times, I would see the frustration of the trainer, the rider and /or the horse. Most often, it was because the horse’s movement wasn’t quite right, or the rider felt stiff; the communication felt “off”. I began massaging back sore horses who couldn’t move out easily or maybe hung a leg over a jump. I began massaging back sore riders who didn’t feel as fluid or flexible as they would like. As I worked “both sides of the saddle”, the joy of riding for horse and human and the trainer’s enthusiasm returned. Performances became effortless and frustrations disappeared.

Experience the change yourself! Schedule a session for assessment, discussion of issues and massage for both you and your horse.  We will be able to give your trainer valuable information. Don’t wait until frustration or lameness causes you to quit.  I promise your partnerships will deepen and become most rewarding.

Sessions are done at the barn. I will set up a massage table in a stall or quiet area for people. Horses are massaged/stretched in their stall or on crossties. I am also able to offer sessions for people at my Berwick home or Eliot studio, Solfege Center for Healing. Ask for details.

About Cindy

Cindy Morrell studied at Equissage and Wilson-Meagher Equine Sports Therapy.  She also studied at Integrated Touch Therapy for canine certification. She has been a practicing holistic nurse since 1980, a licensed massage therapist since 2006, and certified animal massage therapist since 2008.

As a board-certified health and wellness nurse coach, Cindy enjoys helping you with self-empowerment and joyful purpose on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Let’s get started!

All sessions are one and a half hours and cost $150.


  • Equissage 2007
  • Wilson-Meagher Sports Therapy-Equine massage 2008
  • Integrated Touch Therapy-Canine massage 2006
  • Palmer Institute of Massage and Bodywork-2006
  • Transformational Nurse Coaching 2020
  • Shamballa Reiki Master 2004- Hearts Singing Healing Center
  • Associate Polarity Practitioner-2006
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing-University of Lowell-1980
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Holistic Wellness Coaching


Unsure how to get started on your holistic health journey? There are so many healthy options that it's often hard to figure out which path is the best for your specific needs. A few sessions meeting with a Health & Wellness Nurse Coach may be just what you need to navigate the many choices in front of you.

As a board-certified holistic nurse wellness coach and consultant, I help bridge the gap between conventional and complementary integrative medicine.  Through goal setting and creating small attainable objectives, we co-create steps to move you from your problem state to your desired state, the place that brings you ultimate joy and happiness.  I help you look at all aspects of yourself - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to bring fulfillment on all levels.  You will become the best and most powerful version of you! 

Click here to schedule a free discovery session to see if this is right for you!



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Therapeutic Massage and Energy Work

60 minutes: $100
90 minutes: $125


Your body is a finely tuned instrument that sometimes goes flat. An integrated massage session is the perfect way to sharpen you up. We begin with a holistic nursing assessment to determine the root cause of your pain and discomfort. Often, pain is intensified by fear of never getting better and worry over loss of function. After gaining an understanding of what caused an imbalance, Cindy applies the most relevant tools and techniques to bring you from discomfort and dysfunction to improved movement and flexibility. A combination of massage techniques unique to your needs may include moderate and deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage,  myofascial release, trigger point therapy, reiki, polarity therapy, vibrational sound therapy and guided meditation for a comprehensive treatment. 

Pay now for a 60 minute session         90 minute session      


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60 minutes: $100
30 minutes: $50

CINDY MORRELL offers reiki energy healing as a stand alone service or as part of an integrated massage session at no additional cost.  Ask if reiki is right for you!



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Sound Healing/Jam


Cindy is a certified vibrational sound therapist and is eager to help bring three part harmony to your body,mind and soul. Vibrational sound therapy (VST) is a combination of powerful vibration and tones to induce an immediate relaxed state.  Zen Therapeutic Singing Bowls are especially made for vibrational sound that has a subdued volume and purer tone than other singing bowls. The gentle tones of VST elicit the relaxation response, triggering the parasympathetic nervous system. We are able to focus our minds fostering stronger concentration and balanced moods while reducing fatigue.  A focused mind will deal better with anger, frustration and boost confidence to help handle problems.

Schedule an appointment

We also offer a group sound healing experience


You are invited to come to Solfege Center and experience a Sound Healing Meditation. Did you know that sound vibrations have powerful healing properties? Sound healing is an ancient meditative practice that uses different musical implements to create healing vibrations around the body in a meditative state. Instruments are tuned at strategic frequencies for healing different parts of the body and mind.

Our Sound Healing Meditations are very popular so be sure to sign up in advance to ensure your spot is secured! Sessions are on the second Thursday of each month at the Solfege Center for Healing, 28 Levesque Dr (Route 236), Eliot, Me. We will use instruments, voice, brass and crystal bowls to experience how we are affected by these sound waves. Just $20 per participant.

To Register click here Sound Healing Meditation


STRUM AWAY STRESS  at our regular jams with  Cindy and Ralph Morrell

Ukulele, guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass guitar, fiddle, cello, piano, accordion, clarinet and rhythm players are all welcome.  Something not listed? Bring it on! 

Sundays 2pm - 4 pm  Next jams are listed in the calendar of events

To register contact Cindy Morrell at or 978-857-7286  or just come on in

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