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Here is what people are saying:

Cindy Morrell has a gift for supportive affirmative coaching.  In addition, she has impressive training and diverse life experiences that allow her to offer truly insightful advice for overcoming obstacles even in the most complex situations.   I felt myself getting "unstuck" from the very first session.   I'm very glad I decided to follow my heart and invest in my dreams by working with Cindy.  She has exceeded all my hopes and expectations.  


My greatest insight through this process is that I realized how much I need to allow myself time to process my thoughts and feelings in order to be able to move forward. Cindy helped me to overcome an internal rift that I had adopted between myself and a loved one just by hearing me and helping me to identify it so that it could be put into the light to be healed.

 I would recommend Cindy’s coaching to anyone. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, but most of all her presence is the most powerful gift that she possesses and I appreciate her so very much.    Jamie

 Before the nurse coaching sessions I had gained 17 pounds during the virus isolation. Since I was already overweight to begin with I desperately needed help and guidance. My goals were to lose weight, make correct food choices, increase energy, reduce or ultimately eliminate medication but also to make this a life- long habit. I had tried other diets before to no avail. Losing weight only to regain it.

   Working with Cindy has been truly a rewarding experience. She has patiently guided me, listening to my needs, made realistic suggestions that were obtainable and extremely helpful and that I could easily follow.  She gently encouraged me throughout the sessions even when I had a minor set-back or thought I had failed.

   The result of having worked with Cindy is that I have lost the 17 pounds painlessly. I have also made better food choices, feel better about myself, have more energy and have a clear direction to carry me into the future and achieve the goals I set forth at the beginning.

   I would without hesitation recommend Cindy’s couching to anyone. She is extremely knowledgeable in many areas not just in weight lost. She is easy to work with, a good listener, patient, kind and understanding. Cindy is extremely effective, realistic and thorough. I have been truly blessed to have met someone of this caliber and expertise.  - 77 year old in Massachusetts