Solfege Center for Healing, LLC


Solfege Center for Healing partners with you to tune your body, mind and spirit to the natural rhythms of an authentic life. Through balance and harmony within you become the music in your heart.  

Through integrative approaches, our  practitioners and associates are ready to assist you in improving your physical, mental/emotional and spiritual bodies. 

We offer Cancer Support, Yoga Wellness Coaching, Massage,  Reiki,  Spiritual Reading, Breathwork

and stress reduction through individual and group sessions.

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Story behind the name Solfege 

The use of solfeggio tones takes the standardized modern concert pitch of professional musicians and naturalizes it.  The result is sound that feels right, is less rigid and more in harmony with the authentic yet fluctuating qualities of nature, emotion, body and soul. Solfeggio frequencies are useful in attuning the body and spirit to be more open to stress and pain management and connection to the inner and higher selves.