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Yoga classes:

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MONDAY AT 8:30--YOGA WITH KATHY S-- Classes tap into breathwork, meditation and compassionate movement to ground and guide you into the present, and calm your mind.

TUESDAY AT 4:00--YOGA WITH WENDY --This Pilates/Yoga fusion class is an all levels vinyasa.   We will blends vinyasa yoga with pilates techniques to strengthen the core. You will finish this class feeling centered, invigorated and at peace.

THURSDAY AT 10:00--YOGA WITH WENDY --This class is based on vinyasa principles. Even if you are not new to yoga, this class can deepen your understanding of the asanas (poses), pranayama (breath work), and meditation. Each class starts with a meditation. A new pose is introduced  each week (in sanskrit).  The ethical practice of yoga ( the yamas and the niyamas) is covered. The flow starts gentle and as you become comfortable we will pick up the pace. Props may be used.

FRIDAY AT 8:30--YOGA WITH ERICA--Erika's classes honor the traditional lineages of yoga while exploring movement and building strength. 

SATURDAY AT 8:30--YOGA WITH CINDY V--Cindy will assist you in developing awareness, cultivating gratitude and finding the "sweet spot" in each moment.  Focus is on breathing and gentle vinyasa.


Kathy Stanton is a 2017 and 2019 graduate of The Hard & the Soft 200-hour yoga teacher training course taught by the acclaimed yoga teacher, Beryl Bender Birch. Her certifications are in Mindful Yoga for Veterans and Boomer Yoga. Kathy believes there is an abundance of wisdom that guides her practice and grounds her in the present, quieting an otherwise busy mind.  Kindness, compassion and gratitude shape how she interacts with the world. She helps you recognize when judgments, anxiety, or worries have taken hold of your thoughts causing your prana (life energy) to drain and gently guides you back to making better choices for yourself. “All that from yoga?” you ask.  Yes, and more!  

Kathy is a retired elementary school principal, a position she had for over twenty years, following 15 years as a reading specialist.  An educator at heart, Kathy completed her doctorate at Boston University, receiving the title, Dr. Kathleen Stanton. She now lives in South Berwick. Spending time with her grandson and long leisurely walks with her dogs are true sources of joy for her.  Another grandbaby is on the way in late spring 2021!      

Class: Ashtanga Gentle Flow

Kathy guides you through a gentle flow routine with just enough punctuation to keep you moving forward in your practice. She welcomes beginners as well as more accomplished yogis into her classes.  Local veterans are often drawn to take Kathy’s predictable, steady paced classes.

Wendy Porter is a certified yoga instructor completeing her 200 hour training in 2021. She began her journey with restorative/yoga nidra training in 2019, followed by yin yoga training in 2020, culminating with her RYT200 certification from Bending Bodhi School of Yoga.

Classes with Wendy will help you connect body, mind and spirit to focus on being present in the here and now. She loves to meet you where you are; a gentle vinyasa,  more advanced vinyasa, a combination of vinyasa and pilates, yin yoga and yoga nidra. Classes with Wendy always help you connect breath to movement and the meditative aspects of yoga. 

Before venturing into becoming a yoga instructor, Wendy was the owner of Fusion Fitness, Eliot, Maine. from 2011 to 2015.  She began as a Personal Trainer and group fitness teacher at Gold's Gym in Portsmouth, NH in 1999. Her pilates classes, strength training classes and kettle bell training were popular.  Wendy also offered fitness classes at Coastal Fitness, Kittery, Maine; South Berwick Adult Education, and the Kittery Community Center.

When she is not teaching Wendy enjoys gardening, the beach and playing with her grandchildren.  Wendy lives with her fiance, Rick, and their 3 dogs.

I hope to meet you on the mat so we can practice all of what yoga has to offer your body, mind and spirit.


Erica Hoven began a consistent yoga practice in 2014 to find relief after a running injury. I signed up for teacher training with the intention to learn more about yoga and to deepen my own personal practice. After graduating from The Hard & The Soft Yoga Institute’s 200 hour teacher training program in 2016, I was blessed to begin teaching. In 2017, I completed Mindful Yoga Therapy for Trauma and Y12SR: The Yoga of 12-Step Recovery trainings. In 2020 I graduated from Yoga Darshana: Yoga on the Hill Immersion 200 hour teaching training program.

When I’m not teaching yoga, I love to explore the Seacoast with my partner Rob and our goofy, 120 pound lap dog, Dewey.  

Class: Functional Yoga, Ashtanga
My classes are a reflection of honoring traditional lineages of yoga and my love of exploring movement and strength building. I am a student first and foremost, and it’s an absolute joy and privilege to share what I learn with others.

Cindy McLin Vokey is a graduate of The Hard & The Soft Institute, a prestigious and comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training program, directed by internationally renowned yoga teacher trainer and author, Beryl Bender Birch. Cindy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, specializing in end-of-life care, grief response, and mental health. She is passionate about facilitating the exploration of modalities that enhance coping strategies, promote healing and support post-traumatic growth.

 In her spare time, you might find her walking in the woods with her Rottie, experimenting with a new recipe, or curled up with a good book.

Class: Ashtanga

The 8-limbed path of yoga has become an integral part of her tool kit for helping people to integrate mind and body, develop awareness, cultivate gratitude, and find the “sweet spot” in each moment.