Yoga classes:

$15 per class unless otherwise noted

Kundalini Yoga 75 minute class  $18   

Click here to purchase a Class card $135 -10 classes

To enroll click on the day and time you would like:

MONDAY AT 8:30AM--GENTLE FLOW YOGA WITH KATHY S-- Classes tap into breathwork, meditation and compassionate movement to ground and guide you into the present, and calm your mind.

MONDAY AT 5:30PM--VIN/YIN YOGA WITH WENDY- All levels vinyasa flow and yin yoga

TUESDAY AT 8:30AM--KUNDALINI YOGA WITH NOELLE  In a Kundalini class you will be guided through dynamic physical exercises in addition to learning powerful breathing techniques (pranayama), guided meditations, mudras (sacred hand positions) and mantra (sacred repetition of words or sounds). Come with comfortable clothes, an open mind, a mat, and a water bottle. Please do not eat for at least one hour prior to class

TUESDAY AT 4PM--FUSION YOGA WITH WENDY--This Pilates/Yoga fusion class is an all levels vinyasa.   We will blend vinyasa yoga with pilates techniques to strengthen the core. You will finish this class feeling centered, invigorated and at peace.


THURSDAY AT 10AM--YOGA WITH WENDY --This is a gentle flow class is based on vinyasa principles. 

 FRIDAY AT 8:30AM--YOGA WITH ERICA --Erika's classes honor the traditional lineages of yoga while exploring movement and building strength. 

SATURDAY AT 9:30AM--YOGA WITH CINDY V--Cindy will assist you in developing awareness, cultivating gratitude and finding the "sweet spot" in each moment.  Focus is on breathing , gentle vinyasa and stretching.  


TEEN YOGA AND MINDFULNESS  classes meet on  the first Thursday  of each month at 6:30 pm - Teen participants are invited into this safe space for joyful expression and expansion. The group is guided through yoga and mindfulness practices for an evening of fun and enriching skill development.  Each month, mindful movement is balanced with stillness, energizing creativity and self-awareness to honor compassionate connections to self, peers and the natural world. 
Designed for 13-17 year-olds

FAMILY YOGA meets once each season in April, June, September and December- Children and their caregivers are engaged through curiosity and mindful movement balanced with stillness.  Yoga stories envelop the whole child (& adult) through creative expression, music and playful exploration.  Children will build skills in awareness of self, social interaction and joyful connection.  Creative, yoga-based games and energetic exploration will balance this mindful nature-focused, yoga experience. 
Designed for Caregiver & Child (Birth - 12 years)