Solfege Center for Healing, LLC


Yoga classes:

$15 per class unless otherwise noted  

Click here to purchase a Class card $135 -10 classes 

To enroll click on the day and time you would like:

MONDAY AT 8:30AM--GENTLE FLOW YOGA WITH KATHY S-- Classes tap into breathwork, meditation and compassionate movement to ground and guide you into the present, and calm your mind. 

TUESDAY 4 PM VINYASA WITH WENDY--vinyasa yoga principles

THURSDAY AT 10AM--GENTLE FLOW YOGA WITH WENDY --This is a gentle flow class is based on vinyasa principles. 

THURSDAY AT 4 PM - VINYASA WITH WENDY - An energizing vinyasa flow that can be modified for anyone.  Each class will be individualized.  We always start by connecting to our heart and spirit and end with a beautiful savasana rest.  

*** Studies show that practicing yoga regularly boosts cognitive ability, strengthens bones and joints, reduces pain and stress, and improves sleeping habits.  The gentle vinyasa classes at the Solfege Center for Healing are designed with these physical and mental benefits in mind.  The gentle flow classes are great for beginners and seasoned yogis who want a slower pace these days. Come learn Mountain, Tree and Warrior poses for balance; Downward Facing Dog, Cobbler’s, Cat and Cow poses for flexibility, and Bridge, Table and Bird Dog poses for core strength, among other beneficial yoga exercises.  The classes end with a quiet, restful savasana for stress reduction and spiritual connection.