Spiritual Guidance/ Meditation

Spiritual Guidance Readings with Christine Palie

Sometimes we can’t seem to find the answers from earthly teachers, friends and family.  Even when we look within, there is something blocking the way. Messages from angels, saints, and your spirit guides can help you break through barriers that keep you from having the life you truly desire.  Now more than ever, in a post COVID world, we need a new road map.

Christine helps you discover new navigation tools with information from the ascended master teachers. She can help you with your own inner knowing and trusts in the process that is right for you.  In the past, Christine has offered readings at psychic fairs, astrology meets and for friends and family. Her calling now is to work with individuals in a healing capacity.

For over 30 years, Christine has been developing her intuition and connection to the higher power.  She is excited to share her ability to connect to the divine and tell you the messages that will guide you as you move forward in life. 

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Mindfulness and Meditation with Janet LaCourse 

Curious about what Meditation is and isn’t? Thinking of Meditating?  Tried and felt unsuccessful?  Don’t know where or how to begin?  Want to find a way to fit it into your busy life?  Or, Just feel like checking it out without obligation?  

This is an opportunity to sample short guided meditations.  There will be plenty of time to ask questions before and after the meditation, including how to sit comfortably even for just a few minutes. 

We will be sitting on chairs.  However, feel free to bring a pillow or a blanket roll to help create a more comfortable sitting posture in the chair. 

Janet has been a clinical social worker/ therapist  for 18 years. While she specializes in grief, anxiety and relationship issues, she also works with a large variety of other personal issues. In 2009 she completed a certification program from the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy / Mindfulness and Psychotherapy.

Currently meeting on selected Sunday afternoons 3 pm 

Email Cynthia@ solfegecenterforhealing.com for specific dates